Included in the stream subscription perks, there are 12-14 emotes that can be used to enhance the intellectual discussion in the twitch chat. As more viewers subscribe, more emotes may be added.



getaClue is an emote made to be used in confusing situations, such as watching players who do illogical actions or in other situations that do not make sense. Some examples may include when multiple free-to-play engineers building at the last capture point before the game starts or when a caller says nonsense on the phone in an attempt to troll.



getaGun is the emote based on the NES Zapper that can be seen on a table behind Getawhale. It is one of the least used sub emotes by itself, but can be used in combination with other emotes to make it look like one emote is pointing or shooting a gun at another emote.



getaCheers is an emote of a red mug with the initials of "Getawhale's Gamers" being tipped with splashes of (what can be assumed to be) coffee coming out of it. It is often used when a viewer subscribes to the stream or when Getawhale holds his mug up to give cheers.



getaPhone is an emote of an arm holding a red rotary phone handset. It is often used to make it appear that an emote to the right of it is using the phone.



getaLUL is an emote of Getawhale (or any other hairless person wearing glasses) in a laughing pose. It is often used when something funny happens or when a joke is told.



getaDog is an emote of Getawhale's dog, Darcy. It is often used when the dog-cam is activated or when Getawhale mentions Darcy.



getaHi is an emote of the letters "h" and "i" used in succession. It is often used when you want to introduce yourself in a manner that is flashier than just typing "hi."


getaBye is an emote of the letters "b", "y", and "e" used in succession. It is often used when you want to let people know you are leaving. It can also be used when a really cool gaming moment or a really bad gaming moment occurs, for example.