Command !shesgotagun produces this image of Julia Child about to end the miserable, worthless life of Jacques Pepin (in reality just a prop starting gun)

The Food stream on Twitch was a source of many hours of post-stream entertainment thanks to the "host" feature. Shows such as Chefs Afield, A Taste of History, Fast Food My Way, Great Chefs, and Julia and Jacques Cooking at Home were the birthplace of long-running inside jokes such as those involving Jacques Pepin, Julia Child, Walter Staib, and Bruce Silverman.

Inside Jokes

  • You need some fat in your diet, or your body can't process your vitamins
  •  !shesgotagun
  •  !breadcrump
  • "Walter. Leave."
  • ♫ Great Chefs On A Gastronomical Spree ♫
  • Elmer's Glue Oven
  • Leah Only Knows Seven Words
  • Now You Don’t Want To Eat The X, It’s Extremely Poisonous